Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 versus Blackberry Bold 9790

Research in Motion is clearly trying to keep up with the Smartphone market. With so many Smartphones on the market, the only thing keeping the company’s head above the water with respect to Blackberry phones is the Blackberry messenger that helps you keep in constant touch with your friends and the amazing E-mail feature that notifies you of an email as a phone would notify one of a new SMS. All these features are available on Blackberry Smartphones for an affordable data plan.

Blackberry Smartphones were considered phones with boring designs when compared with other Smartphones and people were beginning to gravitate towards phones with more sleek designs. It is no surprise therefore that Research in Motion released a sleek blackberry into the market that certainly caused a buzz.

The Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 Smartphones are so light, they are a delight to hold in the palm of your hands. They are packed with technical gizmos and at the same time, designed in an ultra modern style. These devices are packed with the Blackberry Operating system 7 which allows for faster browsing and fluid graphics. The Smartphones have a QWERTY keypad like all Blackberry Smartphones and at the same time have the touch-screen feature that enables you to scroll through widgets simply by sliding your finger across the skin and also enabling you to select an app by tapping on it with your finger instead of using the track pad. If you are of course used to using the trackpad, you might find it totally unnecessary to use the touch-screen feature. The camera on this phone is 5 megapixels and allows for amazing HD video recording. The phones support both 2G and 3G network and rumours have it that soon, the 4G-supporting versions will be released. The phones have 1.2GHz QC8655 processors and internal memory of 8GB and a micro SD slot that allows for expansion of memory for up to 32GB.

The Blackberry Bold 9790 was released a few months after the Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 were released on to the market. Both are WhatsAppp messenger compatible as their OS versions are basically the same. We don’t really know why Research in Motion deemed it necessary to  release this Smartphone into the market as it is not too different from the Blackberry bold 9900. It features a less powerful Marvel Tarvor MG1 1GHz processor and also features the powerful OS 7. It is 27g lighter than the blackberry 9900and also has 8GB internal memory with a micro SD slot that can also allow for memory expansion of 32GB. It also has a touch and type feature and is a smaller, slimmer version of the blackberry bold 9900. This phone also has a 5 megapixel camera but has been said not to give the awesome feature of High Definition video recording. The camera features on both phones have face tagging and image stabilization.

Both phones are NFC-enabled and can be used with many other NFC-enabled devices red more using this link, such as other Smartphones, posters and payment tills (for commercial purposes). Both of these phones also come pre-installed with apps that will help you utilize it to its maximum. These apps include facebook, twitter, wikitude and a few others.

As stated earlier, no one can explain why Research in Motion decided to release the Blackberry Bold 9790 because as far as we can see, it is a very close sibling to the 9900. WhatsApp on BlackBerry devices are now so popular we are predicting the end of the use of MMB- more on getting whatsapp here on CellphoneBOB. With the possible release of the Blackberry 10 sometime at the end of this year, we are hoping for a big difference that will blow us away.

Near Field communication in Smartphones

Near Field communication, NFC for short, is not exactly brand new technology; It is a standard of communication recently making its way to mobile devices especially Smartphones. With every Smartphone manufacturer trying to bring something new to the table, it is no surprise that including an NFC chip in Smartphones is one of the latest innovations. in our previos post we mentioned the NFC in the Blackberry 10, you can read about the BlackBerry 10 here.

The first Smartphone that was revealed to have NFC ability was the Samsung Nexus S in 2010. Now, the technology is fast becoming ubiquitous; the recent Blackberry Smartphones have been advertised to have NFC chips with the tag line “There are phones that do and phones that don’t.” The new Samsung Smartphones and even the iPhone 5 is rumoured to have room for the insertion of a NFC chip.

Near Field communication simply defined allows Smartphones to establish a form of radio communication with one another by touching them together or bringing them within close range. It is said that Near Field Communication is possible between Smartphones and an inactivated NFC chip, which in this case is called a tag.

Near Field Communication requires a distance of about 4cm between the devices or a device and a tag, and operates at a frequency of about 14MHz. In order for NFC to work, there has to be two components- an initiator device and a target device or tag. The initiator device generates a field that powers an otherwise passive device, making it possible for NFC targets to take unusually simple forms. The thing is with NFC is that you will cant use your WhatsApp on your blackberry more info here, with this type of connetion. it is not a date or a internet connections for whatsapp messenger. I once saw a picture of a NFC poster. It is really cool what this technology can do.

One might wonder why it is being included in Smartphones; how exactly does NFC influence the way our Smartphones work? Listed below are a few uses of NFC that will come in handy everywhere, everyday.

  • The most advertised use of Near Field communication is its ability to make contactless payment possible. In other words, this technology can replace the use of credit and debit cards and you as a user of a Smartphone equipped with it can pay for stuff simply by touching your Smartphone to or bringing it in close proximity with an NFC-enabled pay station. At the moment, some countries such as China, Germany and India are using NFC-enabled terminals for purchase of public transportation tickets.


  • NFC can also be used in social networking in connection with NFC-enabled stickers for apps like facebook and twitter. It can be used to check in at your location simply by swinging your device over a NFC-enabled sticker


  • In a way, it is very similar to the Bluetooth technology, though it has been said to set up much faster than Bluetooth. People with NFC-enabled devices can use it to share documents, images and so on, just as one would with Bluetooth. The difference between NFC technology and Bluetooth is the fact that with Bluetooth, two devices have to be set up and programmed to work together while with NFC, you simply have to touch the two devices together.

At the moment, NFC is considered to be a very secure technology as it allows transactions across very short distances, thereby deflating concerns that might arise from it use for financial payments and so on. You can also not use NFC for an example to download your favourite messenger like WhatsApp using NCF. You will still need your traditional BIS service for all your downloads.

With NFC-enabled posters, simply by scanning the poster, you can obtain more information about the image. The technology however is fast going beyond posters and billboards. It has been revealed that a funeral service company known as Objects is currently manufacturing NFC-enabled tablets for tombstones, giving you the ability to obtain additional information about the deceased, simply by scanning the headstone with your Smartphone. That is really cool.

We can only hope to see further applications of NFC in future and I am sure you will agree with me that besides eliminating the need to walk around with credit and debit cards, the ability to obtain more information simply by scanning a poster is amazing.

The new Blackberry 10 WhatsApp

With so many Smartphones hitting the market and making waves, it is no surprise that Research In Motion is attempting to step up to the plate. The delayed release of Blackberry 10 has also put a hold on the Blackberry 10 WhatsApp release. Not to worry it is comming.

Blackberry phones are well-known and trusted in the business world; they have been for years. It is no doubt that Blackberry users feel so attached to their device that they often feel empty when they are without it. As a matter of fact, many blackberry users that have switched to other Smartphones cannot help but long for their old blackberry. There are two factors that one can suppose are the reasons for such a deep attachment and commitment to blackberry phones on the part of the consumers. First, the email setup sets it apart from the other Smartphones. Blackberry phones keep you up to date with your emails without you having to refresh the Email app. Also unique to these mobile phones is the blackberry messenger that keeps you up to date and in contact with loved ones at an affordable data plan fee.

The difference between Blackberry Smartphones and other Smartphones e.g. the Samsung galaxy or the iPhone is the fact that other Smartphones are aimed at multimedia satisfaction of consumers, thereby capturing the attention of the younger generation while blackberry Smartphones captured mainly the attention of the older generation in the business world.

With the novel technological innovations in the market, Research in Motion cannot afford to have Blackberry phones coming across as ‘serious and boring’. The new generation of BBX phones have been rumoured to be the blackberry phones that will change the ‘serious’ perception people have of these Smartphones.

The first phone of the BBX generation is the Blackberry 10, equipped with the brand new OS 10. The Smartphone is set to be released later this year and at the moment, there have only been rumours and speculations about the features of the phone; speculations that are enough to cause excitement amongst younger consumers as they cannot help but wonder what Research in Motion is up to.

The phone has been rumoured to be a phone that will rival all other Smartphones and will be able to compete effortlessly with the likes of the iPhone and Android mobile devices. BBM will still be a strong feature on the phone but everyone has to admit that they might as well shut down BBM. yes there are a lot of people using it, but applications like WhatsApp on Blackberry – download whatsapp for blackberry 10 from here can communicate to any make or model of phone. not just essentially your Blackberry friends. According to Alec Saunders, Research in Motion’s vice president of developer relations and ecosystem development has revealed that the company plans to launch the new operating system with many more apps than any novel operating system has ever had.

There have image leaks of the first new generation phone and we can see clearly that the phone is going to be a full touch-screen phone. It is rumoured to be thinner than the iPhone 4 (Clearly, Research in motion is beginning to concentrate on sleek designs; we saw that with the release of the blackberry Bold 9900 and the Blackberry Bold 9790. Actually, the look of the phone is very similar to the limited edition Blackberry Porsche. Also, according to statements released by RIM, the phone will be able to run QNX apps. We can only hope that RIM has heard our cries about omitted features in blackberry phones like a flash player.

Many questions have arisen since the rumours of this new super phone hit the public. No one can deny the fact that Research in Motion has suffered a major decline in profits since other Smartphones have taken over the market and people can’t help but believe Research in Motion is desperately trying to catch up with the market they once ruled. The intrinsic specifications of the Blackberry 10 have not been revealed and we are looking forward to their revelation. We can only hope that our expectations will not be met with a disappointing device.

The Many Downfalls of BlackBerry

A new app by the name of iAfya App was released by Avallain. It is an online specialist that can be used for educational purposes. It uses an ITC system to have a positive impact on human development. This app can now be used by professional health care workers in Kenya. With this new app they are able to search for treatments and different types of medical procedures. The app however is only available for Blackberry smart phone devices and is only available in Kenya which is a huge downfall as many would be happy to have the app. The purpose of this app is to help you with health questions you may experience every day. The iAfya app can also help consumers keep in touch with service providers such as general practitioners and insurance brokers instantly. This app is a platform which provides inexpensive access to health related information conveniently and for free.


A new package which has been released for current and new Blackberry Smartphone clients is available without terms, interruptions and obligations. The new package will include:

  • Unlimited Blackberry Messenger
  • Unlimited email usage
  • 1000 MB of internet capacities


The new service is only available for two months ending the 14th of September 2012 and the special offer is only available in Saudi Arabia.


In the United States it is said that the new Windows phone created by Nokia would take over the popularity of Blackberry’s. The post released by WPPower user shows a graph showing the Windows phone growth rate compared to the decline of RIM’s Blackberry platforms. The graph indicates that the Windows phone could overtake Blackberry by as early as November. The StatCounter uses the data that is available via web usage statistics.


The much anticipated BlackBerry 10 could be a disappointment for many as it is said to be incompatible with the current BlackBerry Enterprise servers. It has been said by a trusted source that no more BlackBerry updates will be released until the new release of the Blackberry 10. The new company server has been named “NG” (Next Generation). This new server will include:

  • Server software
  • Mobile fusion
  • Support for QNX-based devices such as the Playbook


It will however not support java-based Blackberry smart phones.


In July 2012 RIM had to pay 147.2 million dollars for a patent lawsuit which was filed against them that they lost to Delaware-based Internet Technologies. RIM was sued due to “a remote management system for wireless device”. This came at a bad time for RIM as they were having financial difficulties. This isn’t the only lawsuit which they were involved with.

  • In 2011 they were sued due to digital audio technology by Dolby
  • In 2010 they were sued by Motorola and Kodak who wanted all Blackberry imports to the US be blocked
  • In 2009 they had a lawsuit involving the components of the Blackberry 8330 by Prism Technologies LLC
  • In 2006 RIM agreed to pay 612.5 million to NTP inc.
  • A Californian resident filed a class action lawsuit against RIM due to a worldwide Blackberry outage that occurred from the 11th of October until the 14th of October he filed a lawsuit claiming he lost money and experienced damages to his productivity. He accused RIM of breach of contract, unjust enrichment and negligence. RIM failed to compensate their Blackberry clients.


No matter what huge company is producing smart phones they will somehow be dragged into a lawsuit either as a defendant or a plaintiff.


Australian consumers had a low interest in the Blackberry PlayBook Tablet. This caused online retailers to discount their prices by as much as seventy percent. The PlayBook’s are still in their originally sealed packaging and even have warranties, yet they are still selling them for low prices and in batches. Then with BBM being a massive seller of BlackBerry devices in the past, ad-on smartphone messenger like WhatsApp is putting further pressure on them  After the sales failing, RIM have now decided to update the software of offering native emails, PIM apps and an unique app player for android. If these updates were implemented from the start the outcome may have been more successful.


Blackberry has been blamed for many things. Some have blamed blackberry for husbands paying more attention to their smart phones than to their wives and have even named it “Blackberry Widow”. The downfall of blackberry has been due to technical issues, management blunders and even trademark disputes. Some say Blackberry’s problems started as early as 2007 when Apple released their iPhone. Others say Blackberry’s mistake was having RIM focus more on hardware than software. RIM focuses more on the corporate side than the individual consumer. Blackberry needs to have a more successful relationship with their consumers, this is what they need to build on. RIM has a lot of potential, now all they need to do is work  hard to reach that potential. RIM doesn’t think that they need to make any drastic changes because they are already busy with major transformations within the company.


Another huge problem that Blackberry users are experiencing is the fact that the track ball of most Blackberry devices stop working either in one direction or in a few directions. It usually happens after about a year or so. Other common problems you may experience with a Blackberry is the freezing of your device where you are unable to scroll or click anything, and this happens a lot. Other common problems include not being able to send or receive emails, your Blackberry is unable to synchronize properly and lastly your Blackberry might have screen delays or back light problems.

Nothing Wrong with the Blackberry Playbook

Blackberry phones fast became popular as Smartphones for business men and with time, everyone started to buy into the market. Now with the competition brewing stronger every day, it seems the blackberry playbook was introduced as a way to hold on to the consumer market.

The blackberry playbook, like all the other blackberry devices comes fully equipped with the QNX operating system. This is not an operating system that is an open platform like the Android but it is a fast and efficient operating system and should not be undermined.

When comparing the blackberry playbook to BlackBerry Smartphones, there are hardly any surprises in the playbook. Besides necessary improvements such as the OMAP 1GHz dual core processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB storage capacity, a gyroscope for auto screen rotation and an accelerator, there is nothing much to go gaga over if you already have a Blackberry Smartphone. The screen is only 7 inches wide, making it about 3 inches smaller than most of the tablets on the market and the screen resolution is 1024×600.

The device however comes with a HDMI out port that enables you to plug it to your big screen TV and watch movies. Unlike some other tablets, it lacks a micro SD memory card slot leaving you with the 16GB it comes with. It however has a micro USB port that is useful in the transfer of files and data from one device to another.

Like most tablets, it comes with a rear 5 megapixel camera that a good image quality and enables you to take High definition movies. The front camera is a 3 megapixel camera which is rather too much for a front camera but then again, with the target market at which this device is aimed, one should not be too bothered about that.

Blackberry products have been associated right from the start with businessmen on-the-go and the name playbook sort of contradicts the purpose of the product range. With BlackBerry 10 on the new BlackBerry Playbook its the answer from RIM. There is no real instant messengers like WhatsApp on this BlackBerry Playbook supported. However, many business men on the go find themselves with this product and actually seem to enjoy it.

It is important to note however that the QNX operating system does not accommodate so many apps like the Android operating system or iOS which is specifically for Apple products. This means that most of the apps available at the blackberry app store are the popular or professional apps.

Also, unlike the Android based tablets, the blackberry playbook does not give you the power to customize your tablet the way you please and the small seven inch screen puts it in the same range as a Kindle Fire and Nook tablet, both of which offer similar efficiency with their operating systems. The playbook is also considered expensive compared to other tablets that offer the same features and even better.

Blackberry is no longer just a Fruit!

Blackberry smart phones have taken the world by storm! Its hard to believe that the first Blackberry device was introduced in 1999. The whole function of a Blackberry is to act as a personal assistant in every way possible. A Blackberry device has many functions and features this is why it is such a popular device. The biggest feature which makes the Blackberry device so popular is that you get an unlimited data plan. You pay a small fee per month and for that amount you get an unlimited amount of data. This means you can browse the internet for as much as you want, send unlimited amount of emails and the biggest thing you will have unlimited access to Blackberry Messenger (BBM). Blackberry Messenger is very similar to the new Whatsapp Messenger on your Blackberry – CellphoneBOB has a great article on How to get WhatsApp for Blackberry. You can send unlimited messages, broadcast messages to all or a selected amount of contacts, send media files such as video’s, audio’s, and images. You can personalize your Blackberry Messenger by updating a status and personalizing your name.


Blackberry phones takes up 3% of all mobile device sales in the world since 2011. Research In Motion (RIM) is the sixth most popular device creator in the world. 25% of sales of mobile phones are smart phone devices. The Blackberry Internet Service is available in up to ninety one countries across the world. More than five hundred mobile service operators accommodate the Blackberry Internet Service and all use various types of mobile technologies. By October 2011 there were seventy million subscribers using Blackberry in the world. The Latin Americans and those in the Caribbean had the highest ratings that used a Blackberry smart phone worldwide. If you have a Blackberry device which supports OS 5 or later you will be able to use a 32GB memory SD card. Each Blackberry device is equipped with its very own Blackberry Pin. This means that no other Blackberry will have the same pin. It is 100% unique. You Blackberry Pin is what is used with the Blackberry Messenger Service.


The first Blackberry which was introduced in Munich, Germany was first a two way pager but by 2003 the smart phone Blackberry was created and released. The name Blackberry was created by Lexicon Branding. The 2003 Blackberry device supported:

  • Web Browsing (unlimited)
  • Internet Faxing
  • Mobile cell phone use
  • Text messaging use
  • Push Notification email
  • Wireless Services


The first Blackberry’s used the DataTac network. Blackberry became popular in the market because of the email services it offered. The other thing Blackberry did was create BBM or Blackberry Messenger. Today this is not unique anymore with Programs like Viber, KakaoTalk and WhatsApp Messenger. BBM is just not a feature you need on a BlackBerry anymore.  The Storm Blackberry Series is the only Blackberry device that is completely Touch screen, the others are all equipped with a QWERTY keyboard. The Blackberry Playbook was the first Tablet created under the Blackberry’s name to enter the mobile market.


Higher Battery Life You are unable to use the internet if you haven’t purchased you Blackberry Internet Service or Blackberry Enterprise Service
It has a light weight The Blackberry Messenger isn’t a cross-platform service, like Whatsapp Messenger
Has a QWERTY keyboard Need to charge the battery everyday to ensure battery life
Blackberry Messenger Service You will need to upgrade your OS version soon after it is released, if you don’t your phone will automatically lose its functionality
You have the choice to choose between a touch screen or a keyboard or even both The camera has a loud clicking noise
Low cost for an unlimited data plan You can’t do online banking on a Blackberry
Has push notification software Blackberry automatically erases text messages
Has Email services
Easy unlock and lock tab
Better reception than GSM phones
Easy to use
Can do what a laptop can


What Blackberry Devices do you get?

Storm Series

  • 9530
  • 9530T
  • 9550
  • 9520

Blackberry Bold Series

  • 9000
  • 9700
  • 9780

Blackberry Torch Series

  • 9800

Blackberry Curve Series

  • 8300
  • 8310
  • 8320
  • 8330
  • 8350i
  • 8520
  • 8530
  • 8900
  • 8930
  • 9300
  • 9330


Blackberry Pearl Series

  • 8100
  • 8110
  • 8120
  • 8130
  • 8220
  • 8230
  • 9100
  • 9105

Blackberry Tour Series

  • 9630
  • 9650

Blackberry Style Series

  • 9670

Blackberry Series

  • 8800
  • 8820
  • 8830


The new Blackberry 10 is due to come out soon. RIM has decided to create the Blackberry 10 because money is being leaked all over the place and RIM had to lay off a number of their staff. RIM and Blackberry are struggling to compete with other smart phones on the market. Blackberry 10 is built to run on smart phones and on tablets. This is a huge factor that will decide the companies future. Originally it would of been called Blackberry X but after a lawsuit it had to be changed to Blackberry 10. The Blackberry 10 was supposed to be released the end of 2012 but will now be released early 2013. The new Blackberry 10 will be similar to that of the Android and iOS.


Blackberry 10 will offer:

  • Merged homescreens
  • Widgets
  • Application lists
  • Simpler Navigation
  • Word prediction
  • Ability to pull social networking and other data about individuals, it will merge all into one place
  • Camera will offer “rewound”. This can be used if the picture is wrong. This means the image will be able to rewind to a point where the message was perfect
  • Offers full touch screen or QWERTY keyboard handsets


You will be unable to update your OS from lower OS versions to the Blackberry 10. This is because it is using a completely new platform. Blackberry 10′s platform has the ability to show an individual’s:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Latest tweets
  • Facebook updates
  • Enterprise Specific information, and
  • All online lives


Blackberry has so much to offer its clients and they are always looking to improve their software and phones!

What is Whatsapp for Blackberry Devices?

Whatsapp or Whatsapp Messenger is a new and innovative cross-platform application which is designed for instant messaging on smartphones. The great thing about Whatsapp is that you are now able to exchange messages without having to pay high rates and without smsing your friend or family member. Whatsapp messenger has taken the smartphone era by storm and the great thing is you can message any smartphone that has the Whatsapp application installed and activated. Whatsapp messenger also uses the same data plan that you use for your email and internet web browsing. Not only can you exchange an unlimited amount of messages with your blackberry. But now you can even send audio, images and video files over this new cross-platform. A new feature Whatsapp now offers is group chats. Now you can keep in touch with friends and family at a much lower cost. In this article I will explain what you need to know about Whatsapp and your blackberry aswell as the advantages and disadvantages of the app aswell as what Whatsapp offers its users!


What you need to know about Whatsapp and your Blackberry!


So many Blackberry users install Whatsapp even though they have the famouse Blackberry Messenger because many of their family and friends might not have a Blackberry. To install Whatsapp on your Blackberry you firstly need to ensure that you have an OS Version 4.5 or higher. You also need to make sure that you either have your Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) or Blackberry Enterprise Service (BES) activated. As long as you have these two minimum requirements you shouldn’t have any problems downloading and activating your Whatsapp Messenger. Whatsapp is starting to become just as popular as Blackberry itself and even though it is more popular amoung the younger generation, it is popular amoung the older generations aswell. Nowadays everybody owns some type of smartphone and you either have Blackberry Messenger or Whatsapp.





You can Broadcast messengers to all your contacts or just a selected few. You need to sign up for Whatsapp upon installation using your cell phone number
User Block It needs to be the cell phone number you are using and that is active
Send images You need to have an internet connection namely BIS or BES
Send videos (up to 11 mb) It only works if the person you are intending on messaging has the app installed and activated
Send voice files Some BBM users may not need it or want it
Send your location 1hatsapp deactivates if you don’t use it for a certain period of time
Send business cards Whatsapp is only free for the first year
Send emoticons After a year you need to sign up and pay for a license
Select a ringtone You need to have your friends cell phone numbers to use whatsapp in your contacts
Change themes Some feel that the new upgrade is slower
Create groups Whatsapp doesn’t make a ping noise
All chat files are stored on the server, if you encounter problems it can be restored again.
You can attach profile pictures
Change your status
You will be notified if your message is pending, sent and read
Whatsapp is a free download
Whatsapp costs nothing if you have BIS or BES activated

So this new cross-platform in the form of Whatsapp Messenger is not only fast but convenient aswell. This is what instant messaging is all about nowadays. Whatsapp Messenger is easy to understand and even easier to use. There are many places you can download Whatsapp Messenger. You can download it from your Blackberry App World, all you will need to do is open it and type in “Whatsapp” in the search bar, click install. After installation reboot your Blackberry Devive, register and then activate it. Alternatively you can look for Whatsapp under the Social Media and Instant Messaging tab. It downloads in no time and isn’t very big in size, it should only take up about 331MB of space on your device. Whatsapp Messenger is constantly evolving and often you will receive a notification to upgrade your Whatsapp Messenger. It will depend on the type of Blackberry device you own aswell as you OS version of software you have that will determine the amount of upgrades you may receive.


Whatsapp Messenger is compatible with the OS version 4.3 to 7.0. You can now follow Whatsapp messenger on Twitter and Facebook. As long as you have your friends and family members cell phone numbers saved and they have the application activated you will be able to message them using your smartphone. You won’t need to add contacts to your Whatsapp Messenger if you have them in your Blackberry Phone book.


What does Whatsapp Messenger offer it users?

When you have decided to install and activate your Whatsapp Messenger you will be able to:

  • Do almost everything Blackberry Messenger can
  • Send videos of up to 11MB
  • Send media files
  • Send contact information and locations
  • Create groups
  • Personalise your whatsapp with themes, ringtones, statuses and profile pictures


So what are you waiting for? Download Whatsapp today.